Custom-made candles for professionals

Candles have long been used to diffuse specific aromas. Today, this primary function is not the only criterion for purchasing a candle. In fact, lighting a candle is conducive to relaxation. As well as scenting, it creates a zen-like space and personalizes your decor. There’s always an occasion to light a candle!

Bougies parfumées naturelles décoratives

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Put together your own gift box, or choose one of our candles to offer your colleagues, partners, employees or suppliers. An original, personalized gift!

Do you own a boutique or a space dedicated to decoration and are looking for handcrafted scented candles? Make Alliance Spirituelle your scented candle supplier!

Let’s work together to create the perfect candle for your brand! Together, we’ll make your candle. This is made possible by our wide range of designs and fragrances. We can easily personalize our products.

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At Alliance Spirituelle, we strive to produce with clean, natural raw materials.

Bougie en cire de soja naturelle

Natural soy and rapeseed wax

For container candles, we use soy vegetable wax. For molded candles, we use rapeseed wax. These vegetable waxes burn more slowly (especially soy) and are easier to clean. So you can enjoy your candle for much longer!

Fragrances from Grasse

The city of Grasse in the PACA region (South of France) is the benchmark for perfumes. We select top-quality fragrances for an exceptional olfactory experience!

Cherry wood or natural cotton wicks

Our clean candles emit no toxic smoke. As they burn, you’ll enjoy the crackling sound of the wooden wicks. As well as releasing an irresistible fragrance, they create a warm, cozy atmosphere.


Our candles are made in our small workshop in the Cévennes (Gard) region of France. We create our own containers, candles and decorative objects.

Scented candles made in the South of France in the Cévennes from mother to daughter

I’m Mélissa, co-founder of Alliance Spirituelle in association with my mother, Béatrice. We make handcrafted scented candles and decorative objects in eco-responsible resin.

We make products that respect the environment and your health! The smoke from our candles is harmless, thanks to our high-quality raw materials. We use soy wax for cast candles and rapeseed wax for molded candles. For the best olfactory rendering, we select fragrances from Grasse.

When you buy one of our candles, you’ll be surprised to feel the fragrance fill your living space without even lighting it! Our scented candles are carefully designed to awaken your senses and create a warm ambience in your home or professional space.

Jesmonite, an eco-responsible resin, is used to manufacture our candle containers. We strive to offer you authentic, REUSABLE containers!

Make every moment a luminous one with Alliance Spirituelle. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of our fragrant and decorative creations.

We began by selling to private individuals. Now we’re expanding our offer to professionals like you. We have set up special, sliding-scale prices according to the quantity of products ordered. Contact us via the form above to consult our sales brochure.